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Small Blue Planet is a Bay Area based company focused on helping people and organizations create high quality and environmentally friendly, events, conferences and retreats.

Molli Milner

Molli Milner, the visionary founder of Small Blue Planet (SBP) in 2011, has been a trailblazer in promoting sustainability in the event world. molli milner of small blue planet events + consulting With SBP, her mission is clear: to champion a sustainable future where the well-being of the environment, society, and businesses coexist harmoniously through relationship-building, collaboration, and practical solutions.

Having spent over 20 years in West Marin and the Bay Area, she loves the natural raw beauty of this unique area, which serves as both her inspiration and her canvas for creating sustainable and unforgettable events. Molli's deep connection with the region's landscapes and ecosystems informs her commitment to preserving and showcasing its inherent beauty through her work with Small Blue Planet (SBP). Her roots in this remarkable environment drive her passion for promoting sustainability, creating events that not only celebrate life's moments but also contribute to the well-being of the planet she holds dear.

Integrity and communication are the twin pillars of Molli Milner's professional ethos. With unwavering integrity, she establishes trust as the foundation of every partnership, ensuring transparency and honesty in all interactions. Molli's exceptional communication skills serve as a bridge between ideas and reality, enabling her to convey concepts with clarity and passion, while her open and collaborative approach fosters strong and lasting relationships, transforming clients into cherished partners.

Annie Greene

Annie grew up in the wild beauty of West Marin. She found she loves working in the natural beauty and loves events of all kinds. annie greene of small blue planet events + consultingAnnie began working with Small Blue Planet in 2015 and became a partner and Event Director in 2020.

Her deep appreciation for aesthetics, coupled with her innate organizational skills, led her to pursue a degree in Visual Communications and a career in event planning. She has experience producing events of all kinds from organizing community events, local festivals and corporate events to film festivals and galas. She especially loves weddings!

Annie commits to every event ensuring a seamless fusion of creativity and precision. With her warm and engaging personality, Annie has built strong relationships with a wide network of vendors, suppliers, and industry professionals. She has an innate ability to understand her clients' desires, working closely with them to bring their dreams to life.